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Blush has been a part of the vanity kits for quite a long time now.

Kiri’s Blush is a soft pigment available in powders.

They are meant to mimic the natural flush of the face, making the complexion look more healthy and vibrant.

We offer wide hues of blushers for. Each hue can be a partner to a different function.

We have 42 unique shades of blushers.

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Blusher-1, Blusher-10, Blusher-11, Blusher-12, Blusher-15, Blusher-16, Blusher-18, Blusher-19, Blusher-20, Blusher-21, Blusher-22, Blusher-23, Blusher-25, Blusher-26, Blusher-28, Blusher-30, Blusher-32, Blusher-33, Blusher-34, Blusher-35, Blusher-36, Blusher-37, Blusher-38, Blusher-39, Blusher-4, Blusher-41, Blusher-42, Blusher-43, Blusher-44, Blusher-45, Blusher-46, Blusher-47, Blusher-48, Blusher-49, Blusher-5, Blusher-50, Blusher-51, Blusher-52, Blusher-6, Blusher-7, Blusher-8, Blusher-9