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Kiri brings to you all new concealer sticks available in 16 different shades.

Kiri’s stick concealers are tubes similar to lipstick and are mainly used to provide medium coverage for dark eye circles.

Our concealer sticks are suitable for all skin types.

They go on thick and often contain oil for easy spread and blend. It can even cover the stray hairs under the brow arches. It also acts as a nifty little eyeshadow primer.

We have 18 different shades in concealer sticks that comply with different skin tones.

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CS-200, CS-201, CS-202, CS-203, CS-205, CS-206, CS-210, CS-211, CS-212, CS-213, CS-214, CS-215, CS-216, CS-217, CS-218, CS-301, CS-302, CS-303