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Eyeshadow has been known to highlight the eyes. Most of the times they are the glittery colours but at times all one wants is a simple, intense matte look on to their eyes.

Our Matte Eyeshadows are plain colours that can be worn at any time anywhere.

Our Eyeshadow adds depth and dimension to the eyes, complement the eye’s colour, make them look larger or simply draw attention.

We have 62 different matte shades of eyeshadows.

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EM-41, EM-68, EM-Blue, EM-Dark Red, EM-EVT-1, EM-EVT-10, EM-EVT-11, EM-EVT-12, EM-EVT-13, EM-EVT-14, EM-EVT-15, EM-EVT-16, EM-EVT-17, EM-EVT-19, EM-EVT-2, EM-EVT-20, EM-EVT-23, EM-EVT-25, EM-EVT-3, EM-EVT-31, EM-EVT-33, EM-EVT-34, EM-EVT-35, EM-EVT-36, EM-EVT-37, EM-EVT-38, EM-EVT-39, EM-EVT-4, EM-EVT-40, EM-EVT-42, EM-EVT-43, EM-EVT-44, EM-EVT-45, EM-EVT-46, EM-EVT-47, EM-EVT-48, EM-EVT-49, EM-EVT-5, EM-EVT-50, EM-EVT-52, EM-EVT-53, EM-EVT-54, EM-EVT-55, EM-EVT-57, EM-EVT-58, EM-EVT-6, EM-EVT-60, EM-EVT-61, EM-EVT-62, EM-EVT-64, EM-EVT-65, EM-EVT-67, EM-EVT-68, EM-EVT-69, EM-EVT-7, EM-EVT-70, EM-EVT-71, EM-EVT-72, EM-EVT-75, EM-EVT-79, EM-EVT-8, EM-EVT-9