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Eyeshadow has been known to highlight the eyes. Our Metallic Eyeshadows are kind of the shimmer ones but are finer and create a less grainy, metal-like shine.

Women can create killing smokey eyes using our various tints of metallic eyeshadow.

Our metallic eyeshadows are refined shimmers that are available in 75 different shades.

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ESS-1, ESS-10, ESS-11, ESS-12, ESS-13, ESS-14, ESS-15, ESS-16, ESS-17, ESS-18, ESS-19, ESS-2, ESS-20, ESS-21, ESS-22, ESS-23, ESS-24, ESS-25, ESS-26, ESS-27, ESS-28, ESS-29, ESS-3, ESS-31, ESS-4, ESS-5, ESS-6, ESS-7, ESS-8, ESS-9