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Lipsticks are known to draw attention to the lips. Kiri’s Lipsticks are known to get attended.

Kiri’s Lipsticks are designed to make the lips stand out and make them look more attractive.

Kiri’s Lipsticks are the symbol of prowess drawing attention to the speech from the lips.

Our lipsticks are about assertion. They are a weapon to women’s expression of individuality.

We have 16 different shades to choose from.

For Bulk Orders, Inquire Now.

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LS-04, LS-09, LS-13, LS-19, LS-24, LS-34, LS-39, LS-42, LS-43, LS-44, LS-45, LS-46, LS-48, LS-49, LS-50, LS-51