• LLS-00gray
  • LLS-gray
  • LLS-light-red
  • LLS-ML
  • LLS-ML-08
  • LLS-ML-11
  • LLS-ML-12
  • LLS-ML-35
  • LLS-ML-4
  • LLS-ML-40
  • LLS-ML-6
  • LLS-ML-7
  • LLS-ML-8
  • LLS-ML-9
  • LLS-ML-Brown
  • LLS-ML-Cream
  • LLS-Pink
  • LLS-SL
  • LLS-SL-11
  • LLS-SL-12
  • LLS-SL-15
  • LLS-SL-2
  • LLS-SL-20
  • LLS-SL-4
  • LLS-SL-5
  • LLS-SL-6
  • LLS-SL-7
  • LLS-SL-8
  • LLS-SL-9
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Gaining popularity with the passing time, Liquid Lipsticks are becoming the bronde of makeup.

Kiri’s Liquid Lipsticks contain the pigment of a lipstick and the glide and sheen of a gloss.

Only one coat of our liquid lipstick is enough for the required opaque pigment.

Our liquid lipstick is proven to stay longer and remain hydrated for its time.

We have 29 shades of Liquid Lipsticks to offer for a radiant look.

For Bulk Orders, Inquire Now.

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LLS-00gray, LLS-gray, LLS-light-red, LLS-ML, LLS-ML-08, LLS-ML-11, LLS-ML-12, LLS-ML-35, LLS-ML-4, LLS-ML-40, LLS-ML-6, LLS-ML-7, LLS-ML-8, LLS-ML-9, LLS-ML-Brown, LLS-ML-Cream, LLS-Pink, LLS-SL, LLS-SL-11, LLS-SL-12, LLS-SL-15, LLS-SL-2, LLS-SL-20, LLS-SL-4, LLS-SL-5, LLS-SL-6, LLS-SL-7, LLS-SL-8, LLS-SL-9