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Private Label Cosmetic and Healthcare Products Manufacturer Kiri Cosmetics is a well-known supplier of private label makeup, skincare and healthcare products. We manufacture products combining formulations of western and eastern cultures.

Kiri’s main target is to equip its clients with an all in one experience that further opens up opportunities for recognition and set up a path to making them one of the best cosmetics and healthcare brands of the market. We emphasize on preparing magnificent products for our clients that lend them excellent profit margins and customer loyalty.

Since our inception, our mission has been to provide our clients with the finest private label cosmetic and healthcare products ranging from makeup to skincare to industrial healthcare. The cynosure of our approach is to ensure delivering top-notch products by supplying them with exceptional formulations, alluring packaging and winning price.


Newbie Discounts

Ordering for the first time with us? We are delighted to offer you a xx% discount on your first order. This is oursmall gesture ofwelcoming new clients for a long-term association with us.

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Travel-Kit Combo

Travelling has increased fourfold since the last few years. Here we are introducing the all inclusive travel kit, a skincare companion for avellers during their journey. It contains everything from handwash to sanitizer to moisturizer and comes in various flavours.

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New Addition

Kiri believes that a brand lives longer only if it staysupdated. We constantly upgrade our collections in all verticals. To keep yourselfupdated with our latest collections or products, make sure you check out this section.

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Private Label Guide

A new journey always looks tough until someone experienced guides the way. Here we are with some simple little tips and tricks for you that shall help you start your brand hurdle less.

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Times have changed since 2020. Constant sanitization has become the need of the hour. Kiri introduces a special sanitizer collection for every need. May it be for your day to day use or for your industry, we have that variety.

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Custom Manufacturing

Starting your own brand comes with a huge responsibility. A responsibility to eliver quality and a responsibility to ensure return on investment. Check out this section to know more about how our manufacturing ease your burden.

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Private Label Cosmetics and Healthcare Product Certification

Kiri is a leading provider of private label cosmetics and healthcare products.


All our products are paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan and Kosher certified. These certifications capture the essence of our made in India cosmetic and healthcare products.

By supplying Certification compliance products, we help your brand enter the market flawlessly. Your brand products will leave an everlasting impression on the minds of the people.

We know you are new. Helping new clients capture the market and grow is our main motto. We shall provide every help we can at every step of your journey. Besides manufacturing best quality products we also make sure to provide them in attractive packaging and colours.


Building Cosmetic and Healthcare Brands

Kiri Cosmetics has always been persistent in partnering with entrepreneurs of the cosmetic industry. We partner to create an all-inclusive experience for our clients for creating and running a cosmetics business.

We have been constantly scaling heights in manufacturing and providing premium cosmetic and healthcare products for quite a long time. Our clientele is present across the globe and ranges from salon and spa businesses to private dermatologists, Hollywood makeup artists to amateur cosmetic brands.

Since our inception, our mission is to provide the highest quality cosmetic and healthcare products along with suitable packaging as required by the client. Our product range is quite varied and so is our packaging and other parameters. We are highly flexible when it comes to adjusting with your marketing goals and plans.

Our company is full of experienced employees in every aspect. Their focus of determination on every aspect of the products is one of the key factors in our products’ high quality deliverance. Our team innovates, manufactures and supplies products as per the client’s requirements.

Our Research and Development department is also on feet for constant innovation. They are responsible for many of our unique formulations that you will not find anywhere else. They work round the clock to make sure that our products are delivering best quality results to our customers.

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